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Why Our Patients Love Us:

  • Excellent Bedside Manner

  • Friendly Staff Answering Phones and Returning Calls

  • Simple Explanations in Layman's Terms

What Our Patients Are Saying:

"This doctor is a true gem, one in a million. Not only does he have great medical skill, he is a wonderfully compassionate man with great listening skills. I feel so fortunate to be under his wonderful care."

"You looking for the best here he is! Brilliant, dedicated, a very kind & thorough specialist. A blessing to have as my Cardiologist."

"Being in the medical field myself, I can honestly say that there is not a person that I would want to look over my cardiac health more than Dr. Hasara."


Barbara M.


About Dr. Hasara


My pathway to becoming a doctor was certainly unorthodox to say the least. I was born in Gary, Indiana, which was a booming steel town in my youth.  I was the sixth of seven children, and was always a good student who loved math and science, so it seemed natural to follow two of my older brothers to Purdue University to study engineering. In fact, at age 17, I received an academic scholarship to do just that, and promptly lost my scholarship by never going to class. So, I went to work in the steel mills back home, and continued there for eight years. After a year or two, I enrolled in Indiana University, while continuing to work full-time. I again took math and science classes, and most of my classmates were "pre-med", which was the absolute furthest thing from my mind, since I passed out at the sight of blood. But this time, my grades were better than my classmates who were "going to be a doctor", and I began to consider that possibility as well. So, I took the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), somewhat on a whim, but discovered that my scores were quite good, so I applied to medical school. To my astonishment, I was accepted to Indiana University Medical School as a junior student, meaning that I do not have an undergraduate degree, but I did graduate from Indiana University with my MD degree.

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